Coming soon: Social Security Reform

Social security reform will consist of individual retirement accounts...
...with a mandatory minimum percentage stored in safe US Treasury bonds.

The frog can then be boiled slowly, using incentives and penalties that change over time.

Conservatives will go for it since the percentage will start out low, and they will perceive it as a "victory" on social security.

Over time, the distributions and "accounts" will be changed to annuities, so that any remaining funds are kept by the government after death, and not the heirs. People will stop thinking in terms of their "nest egg" and instead in terms of their "payment".

Of course this will not solve the ultimate lie of social security, which is unsustainable, but may delay its effects, so that the sins of the fathers would be passed along to their sons.

This also does not solve the ultimate problem of finding an unlimited source of buyers for United States government debt, but merely delays it by way of first bankrupting most of the retirement accounts in the nation.

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