"The army was using heavy machine guns ... against little kids ..."

"I saw carnage," said an American evacuee in Valletta. He declined to give his name as he has family in Libya still and fears for their safety.

"The army was using heavy machine guns and automatic rifles against little kids that were carrying nothing more than pebbles. ... They shot first. They didn't ask questions," he said, describing a crackdown in Tripoli.


===> In the United States, people think of the "threat of a standing army" as a quaint concept from the time of the Revolutionary War. These days Americans love their military, and many wonder why the military is not allowed to be used domestically.

===> This is because Americans are spoiled and have grown naive in their luxury. In Libya, on the other hand, people still have a healthy understanding of the true dangers of standing armies.

===> Under a government where human rights are not protected, the standing army simply becomes the meat grinder by which the regime maintains fear.

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