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Updated: 5 years 21 weeks ago

How to Use a Dreamhost Coupon

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 01:58

After scouring the Web for a good hosting company you’ve come across Dreamhost and a decent Dreamhost coupon to help you get started. Coupons work a little bit differently online than they do in brick and mortar establishments because here you need to input the promo code yourself instead of simply handing it over to a sales clerk. You may not be so sure where to input that promo code and how the process is done so here is a little guide to show you, step-by-step, everything you need to do with your Dreamhost coupon.

This post was written by Clive Bresnan who runs a hosting coupon website where you will find Hostgator Coupon Code 2013 and many other web hosting promo codes.

Step One: Acquiring a Coupon

Just like a Hostgator coupon, you can find coupons and promo codes for Dreamhost with a quick search off of any search engine. You’ll find several blogs and affiliate websites that support Dreamhost and they’ll each have their own set of Dreamhost promo codes for you to choose from. You do want to make sure that the promo code you get is 100% working so read up on comments, customer reviews, and look for a rating to see how successful it is. When you’ve found a few coupons that work, head on over to the Dreamhost website.


Step Two: Signing Up

At the main website you’ll see the button to sign up at the right hand side. Click on this to begin the registration process. You’ll go through a series of forms that you’ll need to fill out. You’ll need to include your contact information, account information, billing address, and then the type of hosting package you want to avail of with Dreamhost. When you get to the billing information section, you’ll find a box where you can input a promo code or referral code. This is where you’ll put in the code from the Dreamhost coupon you got online.


Step Three: Reviewing the Bill

Finally you’ll get to the page where you can review your bill and the summary of your hosting package. Make sure to double check that you are getting the hosting service you really want. When you go over the bill, you should see the Dreamhost coupon June 2013 included in the rundown and it should affect the final sum you’ll pay. When you are sure that it has taken effect, simply finish the process and you’re on your way to getting your website up and running.


That is all it takes to get your promo code included in the process. For some, it’s a much simpler process than what it would take to use a Hostgator coupon for 2013. Just keep an eye out during the billing procedure to find the box where you’ll input the coupon code. This entire process normally takes no longer than two minutes. If you don’t have a domain for your website, the procedure also gives you the option to attain one from Dreamhost. This means you won’t have to deviate from the process and can keep it all going on one page.


If in case you do not see the promo code taking effect when viewing the summary page then do not finish the process. Go back a few pages and check if you have included the code. In case you did type it right but it still doesn’t work then you may have picked up a dead promo code and you’ll need to look online again for a new Dreamhost coupon.

After scouring the Web for a good hosting company you’ve come across Dreamhost and a decent Dreamhost coupon to help you get started. Coupons work a little bit differently online than they do in brick and mortar establishments because here you need to input the promo code yourself instead of simply handing it over to a sales clerk. You may not be so sure where to input that promo code and how the process is done so here is a little guide to show you, step-by-step, everything you need to do with your Dreamhost coupon.

Lower your forum site set up costs with a Hostgator coupon code

Sat, 04/13/2013 - 10:56

Talk is cheap but online talk might be your path to riches. Yes, that’s right-user interaction generates lots of web pages and you can put ads on these pages. The more people talk, the more money you can potentially make. Welcome to the lucrative world of online forums. People love to talk online. People do it on Facebook. They definitely do it on Twitter. Why shouldn’t they do it on your site? Set up a forum and make money off your forum visitors’ interactions. Here is a rough guide on how you can make money off forum sites.

Find a forum topic that has a lot of interest

You have to find a forum topic that attracts enough people for you to make money. There are tons of topics in the world. In fact, there many topics that have a market of 1, 10, 100 people. Stay away from those ‘micromarkets.’  Instead, focus on topics a sizable chunk of people are interested in. How do you know which niches attract a following? Simple-use Google Trends, Twitter trend history, and facebook pages. Does a certain topic get a lot of attention from social network sites? Use Google’s keyword selector tool  to see the search volume of a particular topic. Of course, expect highly popular topics to have a lot more competition. You are looking for something in the middle-something more popular than ‘micromarkets’ but less popular than topics already covered by huge sites.

Find a long list of sub-topics

Using the same Google keyword selector search above, look for a long list of related keywords for your main topic. Make sure you choose ‘exact match’ so you don’t get the wrong data. Again, look for keywords that are not extremely popular or unpopular. Shoot for the middle. Next, figure out how many competing pages try to rank for those subkeywords. Eliminate the words that have too many pages focusing on them. Use what is left on your list.

Use a Hostgator coupon code to save money on hosting

Use your a Hostgator coupon code 2013 to get your future forum a home. Your a Hostgator baby coupon code can save you quite a bit on hosting costs on the baby plan but there are a diverse range of discount coupons on the market – just search!

Hostgator’s control panel has many free online forum options you can choose. The great news is that these are free so you can save money while you are trying to figure out if your forum business will take off. The bad news is that many of these are clunky and you need to customize them to make your forum visitors feel at home. Alternatively, you can use Vbulletin or other established forum software so you can get the great customization and power you need to manage a busy forum.

Seed, seed, seed

Nobody likes to go into an empty restaurant. The same applies to forums. If people see little activity on your forum, they will probably think that your forum sucks and steer clear of it. You need to get conversations started on your forum. Hire people off or hire a virtual assistant to login and create different accounts and post among these accounts. The key is to create an atmosphere of lively conversation.

Warning: this is not a short-term solution. Don’t expect to do this for a few weeks and see your forum take off. You might have to do this for several months until your forum eventually takes off. Patience and persistence is the key. Also, make sure your seeders are using your subkeyword list when determining which discussions to start. These titles will pull traffic off search engines so you can get more targeted visitors. Make sure the conversations are meaningful and add value. They must be high quality discussions.

Promote, promote, promote

Go to yahoogroups, facebook groups, facebook pages, twitter feeds, other forums, and other places online that cater to your forum’s general topic and post threads of your forum conversations at those places. Don’t do drive by spamming. Don’t just drop a link and leave. Participate and build a reputation for yourself. Hire a virtual assistant to do this so you can save money on labor and save your own personal time.

Make money off your forum

Once you have a decent amount of organic users-actual users instead of ‘seed users’-change your forum code to put randomly placed Adsense or other ad spots on your pages. This prevents your forum visitors from developing ‘ad blindness’ and increases the likelihood of clicks. If you chose your topic correctly based on commercial value, your site’s monthly clicks might yield a nice income. Alternatively, you can set up paid sections for certain forums so people can pay to advertise or even post there. This is usually done for lucrative ‘buy and sell’ sections of forums.

Discount Coupons For Your Website Hosting

Fri, 04/05/2013 - 16:37
Saving Money with HostGator Promo Code

Starting your own website can be a bit costly, especially if you want to have your own dotcom. But when you have a HostGator coupon 2013, your expenses will definitely be lowered. HostGator is among the top web hosting providers today.

With these promotional codes, you’ll have access to HostGator’s wide variety of services for a discounted price. You don’t have to worry about spending much on your website’s hosting. This is great especially when you are working with a tight budget but want to get good service. You’ll be saving some extra money from your HostGator’s service, which you can use for purchasing a website template and others.

This makes hosting services budget-friendly and economical for everyone. You’ll be able to get big discounts with these promo codes. Aside from that, you’ll also avail of the great features from HostGator, like a free website builder, unlimited disk space, free control panel, and unlimited bandwidth among many others. You’re also sure that you have access to technical and customer support with HostGator.

The promo codes from HostGator are also popular among many people because of the huge savings and discounts. There are also different promo codes that are released from time to time so you can surely find one that works for you.

Making Use of Your DreamHost Promo Codes
Having a DreamHost coupon is advantageous to people who want to start an online business. This would mean saving money on hosting services for your website.

Starting your own website, either for e-commerce or for a personal blog requires extra startup cash. You’ll need to pay for your domain name and for your hosting service. If you don’t know much about creating your website’s layout and design, you may also need the help of a web programmer. If you have a promotional code for DreamHost’s hosting service, you can get huge discounts on your hosting package. You can use the extra cash in paying the web programmer instead. The savings that you get is also great if you have a limited budget for your site.

There are also different kinds of promotional codes that you can get for DreamHost. There are those that give you 40% discount on your monthly hosting service. You can also find codes that provide you discounted upgrades for your service. Certain codes can give you free extra domain names and other upgrade bonuses. There are a wide variety of options for you that suits your needs. Make sure that the promotional code fits your website and your current hosting and domain needs. Try not to get promo codes that you don’t really need.